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Our focus is on international and domestic destination development, as well as business and marketing development. The team at STUA has more than 50 years of collected experience within travel sales and packaging towards visitors both from Sweden and abroad.

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We develop the hospitality industry of Sweden

STUA engages in developing places into desirable attractions, regions into destinations, and companies within the hospitality industry into export businesses. We develop ideas, plan strategies and form foundations necessary for concluding decisions favouring the hospitality industry. Thereafter, we work closely with industries, municipalities and regions to implement them.

We do not follow the development on a distance. We are involved at every step to enable businesses to expand, job opportunities to grow and cities and regions to develop. To maintain success we work operationally and strategically within three areas: destination, business and marketing development.

We aid our clients to reach out to more affluent guests by developing products and ideas that make them more competitive on the international market as well as in Sweden. To municipalities and regions we deliver a ground for clever and sensible decision making, enabling places and people to grow. Today our clients range from small associations to big and rooted destinations.

Throughout the years we have established a large network with Swedish and international connections to keep developing our clients. Among them are advertising agencies, digital developers, international retailers, travel agencies, and key people within the hospitality industry.

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